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Monday 23rd April 2018
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Functional Resume

The functional resume format is useful for people preparing for a change of career, for whom their previous employment history is likely to make less of an impact in their new industry than a list of their main abilities or functions.

Contact Information

Your contact details are obviously neccessary for every CV you write.


This section should be used to provide a short, sharp summary of your skills and experience, targetted towards the job you are applying for. Enter a short paragraph summary of your profile, and a list of your key achievements and skills.


The functional resume format details your experience in order of specific functions or skills, rather than chronological order. Use this section for the bulk of your resume, providing a brief summary, followed by a list of the key points for each function.


As you should have included the relevant roles and achievements related to each job here in the "Experience" section, you do not need to repeat that information here. Instead, just provide a reverse chrononlogical summary of your employment history.


Use this section to provide a brief outline of your education. You only need to include the college, qualification names, and dates.


Use this section to provide recruiters with a brief "at-a-glance" outline of your main skills. You can list different types of skill separately - for example, languages spoken, IT skills, etc.

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